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We invite your participation in our efforts to enhance the community care for the dying and bereaved. Tax deductible donations are gratefully accepted and acknowledged at the address below.

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Sooke Hospice Society
PO Box 731
6669 Goodmere Rd
Sooke, BC, V9Z 1H7
Phone: (250) 642-4345
Fax: (250) 642-0232

Sooke Hospice is a member of the
BC Hospice Association.



Volunteers receive 30 hours of class room training and further ongoing training though out their duration with the Sooke Hospice Society.

Volunteers work out in the community striving to increase resources to allow individuals in care to remain in their home and with their loved ones. Volunteers provide appropriate support, companionship and/or special skills to the individual and their family members at this time we have many volunteers who work in the community.

Volunteers can be involved in all programmes provided by us.


Deliver Beds

We will supply individuals with equipment such as beds with a range of mattresses to choose from depending on the needs of the individual. We have additional team of four volunteers who deliver and assemble the beds and mattresses where needed in the community.



We are in the process of developing a Vigil Team of Volunteers, these volunteers will have additional training and will stay with a family and friends during the last week of a loved ones life. The volunteers will help families where needed and fill in the gaps when Home Care cannot be accessed.

The benefits of a Vigil Team can be huge during the last stages of a loved ones life ensuring a family member does not have to be alone during this difficult time. When the family caregiver is comfortable being with their loved one the volunteer can help with the upkeep of running a household such as making phone calls, doing laundry, walking the dog etc.


Join Us As
A Volunteer

Volunteers are always needed in many different ways, such as going out into the community, delivering beds, office work, driving, fund raising, board members not to mention people who have skills like therapeutic touch, massage therapy etc. Should you be interested or feel you have gifts to offer call us at 642 4345 for more information.